Mac Sales


After spending many years in the lab researching hardware solutions for our customers we finally have settled on one vendor. Our frustration with the generic pc has been replaced by the amazing experience provided by Apple’s Mac platforms. This platforms is a rock solid foundation for running Windows in hardware or virtually.

We have customized configurations for all the Mac product lines including: MacBooks, MacBook Pros, iMacs, Mac Minis, Mac Pros and Xserves. Choosing hardware made with such quality allows us to provide our customers with the fastest possible systems to do their jobs. There is a slightly higher cost factor to using these systems but this is negated as soon as you compare the amount of savings gained by not having to constantly maintain the hardware. These systems are high enough quality that they allow our customers to have dedicated hardware life cycles.

We have done vigorous research to determine that a three-year hardware and a three-year software lifecycle is the most beneficial to a company. This allows them to still re-sell the outgoing hardware to re-coop some costs for the new hardware. We find this has proven to be the magic number with the way the progressions of the industry have been.

Many of our customers think that embracing the mac platform in their business means they need to abandon all the windows related software that they have been using for numerous years. This is entirely false. We have built customized solutions that allow our customers to use Mac hardware with Windows software. If the business is interested in transitioning away from the Windows operating system we can help them with this migration but it is not necessary in order to start seeing the benefits from using Macs in the work place.

We find this is a part of our service offering that really sets us apart from the rest of the IT companies. We have developed solutions that include all major operating systems and hardware platforms. Visit our Contact page if you have any questions about integrating Macs into your business