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AN Support


Alkaloid Networks offers technical support for all types of hardware and software problems.  Perhaps a failed upgrade from Snow Leopard to Lion?.  Maybe you thought it was trivial to reformat your HP tower and got stuck half way finding drivers.  Who knows you might have a multipath san that has kicked a disks and you only had it formatted raid-5!!  Regardless of the problem or whether we have helped you before, we would love for you to try out the AN Support channels.


  1. Customer visits https://helpdesk.alkaloid.ca and submits a new ticket.
  2. Ticket is placed in support queue where it is accepted by an AN Support consultant.
  3. Ticket is assigned to a technician and is given a timeline for completion.
  4. Assigned technician follows up with client directly

Please contact us by:

  • Emergency 24hr Support: 1-250-809-HELP (4357) billable @ $250/hr
  • Questions, comments, or concerns: Contact Us

Due to the high volumes of support requests, submitting a ticket is mandatory to getting help.