Automated Backups

Backups! When was the last time you did one?? Don’t give me that look, we all know how important they are to protecting our digital lives. If nobody ever came to us again complaining about catastrophic data loss, we would be happy campers. The sad reality is that for most, the act of protecting their digital lives is a daunting task. What do we back up? Where do we back it up to? How do we know our backups will work? are just a few of the common questions asked time and time again to our support staff. Computers love doing what they are told and never stop to complain about how monotonous a task is. This makes them great for performing automated digital backups of company data.

If your business has subscribed to our automated backup service you can rest assured that each evening well you are arriving at home, kicking off your shoes, cracking a beer, and waiting for dinner. Your systems are backing up the work you and your staff have accomplished that day so that in the event of a failure of any kind you’ll be prepared to return to business as usual.

We have ability to store any amount of data for our customers. Of course as the size of the data set increases so does the cost of keeping it protected. This isn’t usually a worry for customers who have spent millions of dollars in man hours building the data set that makes their company function. Just imagine what your business would do if it lost its entire customer list, or all your document templates, even the contents of your email? Getting scared just thinking about it? Then don’t. Subscribe to one of our digital asset protection plans. So you can sleep at night knowing your data is safe and secure.

If reading this has opened your eyes to how you should be protecting your data then please head over to our Contact page and drop us a line.