Website Hosting

One of the first service offerings of Alkaloid Networks was the ability to host customer web pages. Our initial hosting backend was a single Linux box with a single CPU and 2GB’s of ram!!! Nearly 12 years ago this box cost an arm and a leg and was strong enough to host our entire client base. Boy have things changed since then. Hosting clusters, cloud based storage, multi-threaded applications, and browser based operating systems to name just a few. The complex and fast changing hosting industry has made it easier to let someone else worry about the complexities of running Data Centres. Alkaloid Networks is that someone.

Our hosting customers get to take advantage of our multi-homed fiber network. This allows for the maximum amount of uptime well still maintaining a reasonable cost. We pride ourselves in deploying redundant network infrastructure where ever possible. If you need to host a single website or a thousand websites the staff at Alkaloid Networks can help you accomplish your goals.

Hosting packages start as low as $10 CAD a month. Please visit the Contact page if you’re interested in a quote!